Alto’s Adventure Mobile Game Download

Alto's Adventure Mobile Game

Alto’s Adventure Mobile Game released on 19th February, 2015 only for iOS Devices. This game is a automatic endless runner snowboarding game. The character player automatically run on the right side of the screen.

Snowman, Ryan Cash(Director), Harry Nesbitt(Programmer) is created the Alto’ Adventure Mobile Game. This game is inspired by Journey(2012), Monument Valley(2014), Windsill(2009).They make this different from other snowboard games.
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Alto's Adventure Mobile Game
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This game received “Universal Acclaim” according to review score Aggregator Metacritic. But it also has criticized that the game is unoriginal. Harry Slater of Pocket Gamer said Alto’s Adventure was “pretty special” and “among the best on the app store”.





Here you can Download this game for iOS Devices.

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