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Android Projection

Android Projection


Android is an operating system of mobile owned by a renown company Google.In 2003, it launched in the market and become most popular.

Android Projection

It’s an open source project which is led by google but it doesn’t belong to them.This open project is called AOSP(Android Open Source Project).Android Projection.

Google just uses this project to create their own version of Android,and then other manufacturers use that version.

Android os is a connector of between you and your phone what an os really does.

A green robot is the mascot of Android.

in 2005 Google actually acquired Android.The biggest search giant makes regular updates and makes an annual major update.The main OS based on the Linux Kernel.

Different look of Android

Android doesn’t look different on the various phone but it has a number of different versions.Because of Android is an open source so every mobile company or manufacturer has a right to customize the software and make it their own.The original version of Android is referred to as a “Stock Android” and that is the main software what is Google intended.

Best thing about Android

If we want IOS we need only just iPhone there are no other options.But if we go for Android,we have a various choice on a device and the best part of them,those are in handy price.Android is incredibly easy to customize rather than IOS.You can really have a unique experience if you have an Android.

Android has a big big store service called “Play Store”.Users can buy the software or free download software.Because of open source developer can add their own product on the pay store that is the another way to being big in the market.Moreover, users have the ability to root their device change ROM,OS and so on.

On short, if you have android,you have the life.

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