anxiety problem? what your brain does that time!

anxiety problem

I am sure everyone in this world has some anxiety problem. But do you really think for a single time what your brain does whey you are anxious? Today I am going to discuss on your brain condition when you have anxiety. So stay with me until the end.

Anxiety is a very common problem

We all know in everyone’s life there is some up’s and down. When we go through some awkward situation then we feel anxiousness. If we feel bad immediately our brain started to link bad things in our brain and anxiety grows. It is a common problem so don’t worry about that.\

Anxiety affect your body, mind, and everything all around you.

Anxiety is something that affects everything around you including two your body and mind. Only ignoring your bad feelings is not enough to fight your anxiety. We pretend not scared when we are anxious but your brain continuously links up bad things during that time.

When you are anxious the outer world is completely different for you.

In anxiety time, your brain makes the world different from normal life. It tries to feel you a bad world is going on. Everything u see around you becomes boring and sometimes intolerable.

Anxiety Disorder

We know anxiety is a common problem. Sometimes our brain natural response can overcompensate and if that time anxiety grows then anxiety disorder starts. From that level, anything can happen to you including some critical mental problems.

So genetically it’s not weird to fell anxiety disorder during bunch of strangers.

We may sometimes feel that why it is happening with me but genetically when you meet the bunch of strangers then it’s common to feel anxiety disorder not weird. Durig that time things might have been changes dramatically. You can feel very scary, a new place might be feeling the very old place, good moments might be very boring.

Conlusion: It is very important to become strong and healthy during anxiety time.

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