Banana lost within 5 years

banana lost within 5 years

Are you fond of to eat a banana? If the answer is yes then a very horrible bad news is waiting for you. Banana lost within 5 years.

Banana lost within 5 years.

Suddenly a report comes to cross which is published by a group of scientists from the University of California.
They research on it for many years and from there they published this kind of report.

banana lost within 5 years

Researchers at the University of California said Yellow Sigatoka, Emusai leaf spot, and Black Sigatoka are 3 kinds of Fungal Disease which are destroying efficiency of banana trees. This is called Sigatoka Complex and as a result, on the one hand, banana resistance is reduced.

On the other hand, due to Metabolism, the fungus is spreading through the tree.
banana lost within 5 years
120 countries around the world annually produce about 10 million tons of bananas. On the one hand this fungus infection and the other The global warming. For this fight, the future of banana has become uncertain.

So the researcher thinks that within 5-7 years the production of banana has come to red alert.

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