Benefit of sex

Benefit of sex

An important aspect of love is physical meeting. Sex is another Part of physical demand. But do you know, there are more benefits of sex which makes you happy in your personal life. The benefit of sex can’t express in one word. In this post, we will discover the total benefit of sex in a person’s life.

Benefit of Sex

All says that sex is a special gift for human from GOD. This is the highest priority of love. Now, see what are the real benefit of sex.

Good Exercise
We all human can do many things to keep yourself fit and perfect in daily life. But physical relation and sex is the top exercise for any human. It burns lots of calories for that the cholesterol rate reduced and give a perfect flow of blood. If you engage in 30 minutes of physical relation it cost you 85 calories.You can walk for a week on a regular basis is a number of calories burned, three days a week on a regular basis when engaged in physical relation will cost you the same amount of calories.To engage in sexual intercourse on a regular basis throughout the year as equal to jogging 75 miles calories could come out from your body.

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Increases resistance to disease

The immune system, the immune system helps us process our physical intercourse.It works like a therapy to prevent disease.As a result, the immune function of the digestive capacity increasing very strongly.

Increases life period
Regular sexual Activity increases your life expectancy. For that, All organs of the body and the system works very well.Because physical activity by increasing oxygen levels in the cells of various organs of the body and helps us to keep active.On the one hand, where the cholesterol levels in the body through sexual activity, so cholesterol levels gradually decrease. If you attend physical intercourse three times or more in a week that reduces the chance of heart attack.

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Less pain in period time

Those women have happy sex life they have faced less pain in their period time. Usually, women’s feel so much pain in period time. But if the sexual life is perfect then women can get rid of so many physical complexes.

In short benefit of sex can’t express in some words. This is a gradual process of life. Love your partner and enjoy your sexual life whit full benefit of sex.

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