Biggest suicide case in history

biggest suicide case

In the history of the word, Jim Jones is the biggest dark spot. It is known to all that call of this Cult there are more than 900 people committed suicide. But how he could manage those people for suicide that’s still in mystery. But the scientist can believe that he washed all of those people’s brain. Now, we will know how biggest suicide case happened.

Biggest Suicide Case

That tragedy happened in Guyana at Jones Town. On that day 918 people committed suicide only for the call to Jim Jones. Of those people, there were 300 children. Jim opened in the name of religious organizations in the United States. He took a stand against racism and make black on his hands.He had good contacts with the country’s powerful. Once the United States was forced to leave the Jim, but the wrath of whites.Guyana set up its own area across the reserve. Town named Jones. Jones began to live with the nearly thousand people.

Jones and his followers were there, how could they live to there that know very little about the people of the world.But is 1977 many of the people escape away from the Jones town.The reason, according to Jones’ ill-treatment, his harsh attitude, rather than to think of the Church of religion in the twenty-four hours throughout their lives had horrible to watch. In spite of that, the women scandal was rash to all.

biggest suicide case

End of lives

A woman complained to the authorities at last that his son had been detained in Jones Town. As a result, the US government decided to investigate.Congressman Leo Ryan led a team at Jones Town.But they faced lots of problems over there. Congressman Leo Ryan died on the spot. On that time there are more than 5 people also died.

But the murder of Congress man will not good that could imagine clave Jones.So fans, to signify good enough to die with honor than to attack. He also implies that after this live there are more peace and prosper is waiting for all.

918 people die each follow his call and he also chose the same path. That’s the ending of the 918 peoples life.

The group, however, is not new instances of suicide. 000 in Uganda on 17 March, “the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commands of God’s 1 of 780 members, including suicide. In addition, from 1994 to 1997, members of the Order of the Solar temples organization of group suicide. One by one, 74 people were committing suicide.

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