Can’t remember? Solution for you

Can't remember

You have talked someone then surfing your phone but there is a number on your dialed history. You can’t remember whose number it is. Or, in your office, you need to go someone’s desk but when you get up from your desk someone calls you and you are talking with him. After that, you can’t remember anything. If this is your type of problem then this post is for you.

Just keep your sit tight you have amnesia. Is this situation people can’t remember his recent past. This is very serious matter. But we don’t pay attention to it. Follow some tips and you are improving yourself.

Tips for your Can’t remember


Exercise even for some times
We all know exercise is the key for fit your body and mind. Get regular physical activity or exercise or running. Even for a short time. Exercise is not only beneficial for your body but also it is very helpful to you brain.When you exercise in the morning is very good, you can work all day and relax.Besides, throwing the ball through the wall to catch the attention of the practice. This is very much intending for the brain. Your problem will solve gradually.

Adequate sleep
can't remember
After short sleep disturbances have all day to make his mark. Thus, regular sleep disturbances pressure on the brain, which would push the memories of some kind. So good night’s sleep for the relief of everyday stresses.
Require at least 6 hours of sleep a day for a healthy person, it may take more than some depending on will feel.Don’t see TV before going to sleep, smartphones, laptops, studying the tab stop. The device takes the eye comfort.

Eat a healthy diet on a regular basis
First, remove from the list of foods to eat sugar or sweet. Add to the list of foods, vegetables, fruits.As well as keep focus on foods rich in omega-three fatty acids. After that eat Antioxidant type food. Green Tea is a great benefit. Increase the use of olive oil reduces the oil-spice bread.

Above all, as much as possible to stay in a happy, relaxed Keep the brain. Let the good life more beautiful.If you are happy then you can keep yourself fit and perfect in life.

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