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How to create your own youtube channel

create your own youtube channel

Hello, everyone, I know a lot of you are curious about for your own youtube channel. But many people don’t know how to create a youtube channel. Today I am going to show you how can you create a wonderful youtube channel. With a youtube channel, you can upload any video you want. So stay with me until the end.

First Create your Gmail account

For a youtube channel, you mush have a Gmail account. If you have already owned a Gmail account then login to youtube or if you don’t that then create your Gmail account from this link.

Create your youtube channel

After creating your Gmail account, login into youtube with this Gmail account email and password. After login successfully login, try to upload a video by clicking the upload button. Since you don’t have any channel yet, it will prompt you to create new channel. Then Just fill up the necessary information to complete the process. After completing everything you will see your new channel will be created immediately.

What kind of video you should upload

When you have your own youtube channel, then it comes to your mind, what kind of video you should upload. It basically depends. on your thought. You can upload funny videos, commercial video, songs, drama, movies or any video you want you can upload.

Keep your youtube account secure

Don’t share your Gmail username and password with anyone. Give second step verification to your Gmail account so that no one can login your Gmail account from another device.

Conclusion: Youtube is the best place to promote your videos, so do the best use of it.

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