Critical Ops Mobile Game Review and Details

Critical Ops Mobile Game
About Critical Ops Mobile Game.

On August 14,2015 Critical Ops Mobile Game released. This game is the first person shooter game developed by Critical Force Entertainment. Critical Ops released for Google Play on September 30, 2015. This game was also released for Amagon on June 30, 2017.

Critical Ops created by based on game mechanics of Counter Strike. This game have the details of graphics, bigger maps and more weapons.

At present Critical Ops have two gamemodes, twenty two weapons and five maps. This game avoid to include maps from other games.

Critical Ops for PC was deactivated on 10th July 2017, because this game taking huge amount of resources and time for a fraction of the total amount of players.


Development of Critical Ops

  • On April 05, 2015 for test the game and fixed bugs Critical Force Entertainment Began accepting selected request from players.
  • They wanted the game to be as stable as possible before Alpha release. On that time this game referred as Critical Strike Portable Sequel.
  • On May 2, 2016 this game launched eventually for soft with Singapore and leter on other countries.


GamePlay of Critical Ops

Eliminate the opposing team of Critical Ops is the same object as Critical Strike Portable. The player can choose either Counter Terrorist or Terrorist. After intermission a match starts and when it ends, players can starts hunting enemy players.

Critical Ops has this two gamemodes:

1.Defuse: In this mode The counter Terrorists are assign to stop Terrorists plan. This game can also end once all enemies are eliminated.

2.Deathmatch: In this game-mode teams are assigned to contribute their total kill count and raise it higher than the enemy kill count until the time out.

Weapons in Critical Ops

Critical Ops Mobile Game


At present Critical Ops have two gamemodes, twenty two weapons and five maps. Here are we have some weapons names.

  • Knife
  • Kukri Knife
  • Remix Knife</li
  • Tac-Tool Knife

Assault Rifles:

  • AK-47
  • AUG
  • HK417
  • M4
  • SA58
  • SG 551


  • Dual MTX
  • GSR 1911
  • MR 96
  • P250
  • XD .45


  • FP6
  • Super 90

Submachine guns:

  • MP5
  • MP7
  • P90

Sniper Rifles:

  • M14
  • URatio

Experience the thrill of modern terrorist fight in Critical Ops. Fight for dominating your alongside friends with your skills by leading the individual scoreboard.Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based action game.



You can Download Critical Ops from here.

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