Dangerous sexual disease Syphilis


Today, I am talking about a very very dangerous sexual disease Syphilis cure, prevention, and sign. This is such kind of dangerous disease which attacks 12 million people every year. Not only that due to Syphilis people die such a huge number in the word. Isn’t it so worried? Syphilis spread out body slowly but after one time people can prevent it. So, this is time to knows about this and cure.

About dangerous sexual disease syphilis

The source of the disease.

  • Unsafe Sex with infected people.
  • If the person receiving the blood of diseased body.
  • Physical contact with the infected person for a long time
  • If the infected mother’s milk give to her child.

Dangerous sexual disease Syphilis

There are four steps according to the prevalence of the disease.

  1. Primary: In this situation, three weeks after being infected, patient’s body is like a round spotted.
  2. Secondary: This condition is usually feeling itching throughout the body in different places. Continuous fever, weight loss is the part of this stage.
  3. Latent: In this situation, the disease remains dormant
  4. Tertiary: This situation can occur when people ignore the treatment. In this situation, patient heart, eyes and all nerve system are damaged. And this is the final stage of the disease. Death is very much obvious in this stage.

Dangerous sexual disease Syphilis

In this disease, doctor generaly prescribed this medicine.

  • 1. Penicillin G. Injection.
  • 2. Doxycyclin.
  • 3. Ceftriaxone.

But always keep this medicine only when your doctor prescribed for Syphilis. This so dangerous disease that will end with death. If you feel you have this kind of problem don’t be late, go to the doctor.

That’s all for now.

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