Duet Mobile Game Review and Details

Duet Mobile Game
Review  of Duet mobile game

Duet Mobile Game is a action game for iOS and Android. On 10th October 2013, Duet released by Australian game developer Kumobius. In this game players controls two colored orbs and guiding them to avoid incoming obstacles.

You will feel of you seat terror where the worlds around you, thats make you quiet and numb as all that matters in this game.

Duet Mobile Game

By across the servival mode and daily challenges leader-board you can compete with Google Play Game Services.
Duet is a free to download and play game with some advertisement. To unlock the “Duet Premium” you may pay a once-off in-app purchase.
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How to Play Duet

Duet have air tight controls and game-play that makes Duet is a perfect balance of challenge and pure gaming satisfaction.

  • The rules are simple players have control two vessels in sync, survive against all odds.
  • The player rotates a circular track with two colored orbs. Player have to guiding the balls to avoid the incoming obstacles.
  • The level will reset once an orb crashes. To pass a level player required keep both orbs.
  • Kubler-Ross model is the names of the levels. This game can begins simple can end complex.
Requirements of Duet
 Developers  Kumobuis
 Platform  iOS, Android, Linux
 Genre  Action
 Mode  Single-Player
Reception of Duet

The game have mixed of positive reviews and critics. Duet is listed a score of 80.00% on GameRanking. The critics of Duet for it’s controls and design.

A clever premise.
Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker

Duet is a masterpiece of simplicity, feeling and flow.
Ben Kuchera, Polygon

…this game isn’t playing with stale material. Its steps are powerful. Highly recommended.
Penny Arcade Report

Duet is yet another stellar entry into the pantheon of challenging minimalist survival games on iOS.
Carter Dotson

Your eyes, ears, and thumbs were built to perform this Duet together.
John Polson, Indie Games

Challenge accepted: Duet Game scores with design, sound and fun.
AppGefahren (German Review)




From here you can download this game.

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