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Earn money from blogging

Earn money from blogging

Blogging is so common. People can earn money from blogging. There are many types of blogging. Blogging means a site from which you can learn many things. Many people get entertainment from here. There are many types of people who would like to blog. Some people do blogging for pass their leisure time. Some do for a hobby, marketing or highlight the products.Earn money from blogging

Many people do not know a man can earn a lot. There are many people who earn a lot from blogging. I have decided to help for people who does not know. I hope if anyone follows my steps and instruction they could earn a lot from blogging.
A deep discussion  For both of people who have a short time or big time.


First of all, you have to create or setup a blog. Follow my step

1. After setup your blog site you have to do decide the subject that you are interested. There are many parts of business, company, organization etc.

2. Choose a platform

3. Now find a host for this.

4. Registration for a domain.

5. Install WordPress on your Computer.

6. You have to design & use your blog!

After complete the profile, you may use useful content which will be attractive for readers. Now I am going to discuss a lot about blogging sector only for you. Earn easily and see my discussion below.

1.Good Writing Skill: Try to make yourself a very good performer. It will increase attraction for the people. And you will be a famous blogger.

2. Earning step: You can start making money from the readership if you can through one or more of a variety of income streams.

3. Advertising Earn: Try to highlight your site that means blog site. Many bloggers do that and they making money. Advertiser will be willing to pay. There are advertisers (like Google AdSense).


4. Earn from Affiliate: It is the most common type of income. If you can sell some product then you can get a percent of the money. As an example (Amazon), share a link of the product and spread out. If anyone buys that product then you will get a commission of that sale.


5. Earn from the event: You can also earn from the event. Many bloggers also earn by running events.

6. Business system: Many businesses are making money. They are using blogs to grow their business profile.

7. Earn from servicing system: This is a common way for earning that many bloggers do. There are many kinds of services like coaching, consulting, training and also freelance services.

you can see this link


Above all, I hope all of my discussion will be very helpful for you.

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