Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

In the term of medical, we can found 90% of women are suffering health issues. This is increasing day by day. There are many kinds of disease of women. All can’t be able to cover in a single post. But it is high time to step up and war against disease. In this particular word, women are suffering more problem than men. There for many reasons Body structure, Environment, Growth of hormone rapidly and on is on. But when the thing come about Breast this ratio is more dangerous. All we know little or more about breast cancer. But there is more disease about breast cancer. In this total post, we are talking about Fibrocystic Breast Disease.

What is fibrocystic breast disease?

Fibrocystic breast disease in the noncancerous condition of women. In which women has painful lumps in her breast. This is not that kind of dangerous but its more than that. Women feel uncomfortable and someone feels so much bothered. According to the Mayo Clinic, half the full women are developed fibrocystic breast disease in their total life. Though it is not that kind of harmful but for this cause breast cancer can come to happen. Any women can get this fibrocystic disease but who are between 30s-50s they have high chance to interact this situation.

fibrocystic breast disease

Symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease

If someone has this breast disease, they may face these symptoms. These are the common factor of this breast disease.

  • Tenderness.
  • Pain.
  • Lumps in one or both breast.
  • Thickening of tissue

These symptoms may be increased before period time. And when women get pregnant she may suffer more. Sometimes women feel pain in her underarm. And if the stage is increasing women can experience that some green or gummy thing coming out from the breast. If it’s happening, immediately to your doctor and take the advice.

Homemade treatment

In this particular point of view, I really recommend that go to the doctor. But if it not possible at the right time then you can take some homemade treatment. But keep in mind that the homemade treatment obviously worked there is no guaranty about it.

Treatment points:

  • Use the water more and more on your breast.
  • Get the proper rest and drink water.
  • Use exact bra for your size.
  • Don’t press hard to your breast.

After that go to a doctor and take the medicine what he/she prescribed. Don’t take anything lightly because one day it takes a huge part.

Thanks for today. Stay safe, healthy and perfect. Because you are very special.

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