Foods that can boost your brainpower quickly


Food is the root source of development of our health. we all know that. But how many of us really know which food can boost our brain power quickly. There is some common name but today I am going to show you, some of the most powerful foods that can boost your brainpower quickly. I am sure after knowing this, you would be a brainer among your friends. So stay with until the end.

Eat Fatty Fish

Seafood is the best source of Omega-3 and vitamin-D which very good for sharing your mind and brain. If you eat some fish like halibut or salmon 3-4 ties in a week you can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases nearly 40-45%.
Omega-3 contain DHA and EPA which are highly effective for your brain. They are also effective for your optimal brain function. Vitamin-D can protect your brain.

Eat Wholegrains

The brain needs the energy to run perfectly. Whole grains are the best source of energy for your brain. If you eat whole grains with low GI that can release glucose which is very good to keep your mentally strong.


Blueberries are good for improving your memory. It contains an antioxidant which can protect brain cells from oxidation. It also enhances communication between your neurons. A study from Harvard Nurses found that about 16,000 women over the age of 70 who consumed more than 2 cup-half servings Blueberries in a week are smarter brain comparison to others.

Eat green Leafy Vegetables

There are plenty of green leafy vegetables, for example, spinach and collards. This vegetable can slow cognitive decline. If you eat 1 or 2 green leafy vegetables each day, you would get a better cognitive ability of a person 11 years younger than who consumed none.

Conclusion: Make a food routine only for your brain and eat them regularly following that routine. Thus surely you will get a better brain.

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