It’s a free Webmail.Which provided by Google.Gmail has POP3 and IMAP service.In UK and Germany, all knows it as Google Mail.Mainly on 1stapril 2004 it has start its test use.After that 7thJuly 2009 it released its full version.At first, Gmail gives 1GB free space.Gradually,4GB is available for users.We know the users of Gmail are increasing.We sometimes don’t want to give our phone number when creating Gmail account.Now we going to know how to Gmail account register except phone number.

Gmail account without phone number

Now we see the how to create a Gmail account register except phone number.

  1. Very first all we need to go Gmail.Then click on “create an account”
  2. Use your first name and the last name. Selecet some kind of name which is very much unique.
  3. Use user name,birthday as like others.Just one thing keep your birthday over 18.
  4. Select gender but one thing never touch Phone number box.
  5. After fill all this form,just cheque “Privacy and terms”on tick.

    You are done your work.That’s all for today.

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