Hair fall treatment at home

Hair fall treatment

Hair fall problem is the most common and specified problem in this recent word. The reason may be the pollution, dust, lack of protein and many. Sometimes it occurs due to hormonal issues. Less of more all we suffer this problem hair fall problem. Just keep in mind one thing, you can never remove thing problem forever. But that matter of happiness is we can make it reduce. There are several processes to make it reduce. In this total post, we are talking about hair fall treatment at home. Let’s find out some techniques to reduce this ridiculous issue.

Reason of Hair Fall

Before any treatment or reduce process we really need to know why this happened. Only then we can make it overcome. We talked before that sometimes it for the hormonal issue. What is the really hormonal issue? It basically comes from parents or grandparents. Genetically if they that such problem you may affected this problem also. And recently dust is the common and most powerful issue for hair fall. Because of our globalization, it affects many ways.

Hair fall treatment at home

There are many natural things by which we can reduce this porblem. We should always keep in mind that natural solution is the best solution rather than medical or harbel. So, let’s see what natural way come for our work.

1.Coconut: Coconut is the most powerful ingredient for hair fall solution and treatment. This coconut not only effect to your hair growth but also it conditions your hair from the scalp. It has fat, minerals, protein, reduce breakage of hair and increase the level of iron and potassium.

hair fall treatment at home
Working Steps
  • All we need is to warm a bit the coconut oil and massage it off your hair from the root.
  • Wash that oil after an hour.
  • Or, get the coconut and squeeze that and make out the milk. Use the milk with the bit of water and apply that on the particular area where you think you need.
  • And let it stay the full night and wash off next morning.

2.Onion Juice: Onion is the highest source of Sulfur. It helps hair growth and on the other side, it helps to increase Collagen production.If we use the juice of onion on the scalp it helps for hair fall solution.

hair fall treatment at home
Working Steps
  • Chop onion and squeeze them and make the juice out.
  • Appy the total juice on scalp more than 30 minutes.
  • And now use the shampoo and wash them out.
  • Use the whole process 2 times in a week.

3.Garlic: Like the onion, Garlic has high of Sulfur. This is the traditional solution of hair fall all people use garlic. You will be very surprised when you use garlic for hair fall treatment.

hair fall treatment at home
Working Steps
  • Crush the few portion of garlic and mix that in the oil and set mixer for sometimes.
  • Use the mixer on your scalp for few more times. 
  • Take the mixer on your hair more than 30 minutes and wash them out. Your hair will be silky and strong.


Those are some hair fall treatment at home. If someone uses this formula for the regular basis that will really work and hope your hair fall problem will be reduced. That’s all for today.

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