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Hidden features of Facebook to boost your user experience

Facebook to boost

Almost of all us in the digital world know abut Facebook. It is the most popular social media site in the world. But for the lack of knowledge, most of us can’t get the proper user experience of Facebook Today I am going to show you some of the hidden facebook features for you so that you can boost your user experience.

Some secret code for Emoji

The people who use facebook know very well about Emoji for expressing their emotions. But most of them know only common Emoji. Here is a bunch of lists is given below for more Emoji.

  • <(“) = it shows a symbol of a penguin.
  • (^^^) = Shows a symbol of a great white shark.
  • “poop”: = Expression of “Well, you know”.
  • :|] = Disclose a robot.

You can save any post for later

I am sure most of us want to read many posts when they see them suddenly. But for various reasons, they can read them later on. But here are some tips you will find below how you can save any post for later so that you don’t miss it anymore.

  • See carefully top right of any posts. You will find an arrow symbol.
  • Click that little arrow and you will find a save link
  • Save that in your computer folder.

Download a copy of your FB

Want to download everything you did in your facebook life. Yes, it is very much possible to do that. What can you find after downloading, see the lists here.

  • All Post you made.
  • All images you uploaded
  • All conversation you did with your friends or others
  • All video you uploaded.

Follow this steps to download.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click general tab.
  • at the bottom, you will find a link ” Download a copy of your facebook data”.
  • Click download and it will start immediately.

Secure your account

Facebook is crucial since we use it every day. It is very important to keep your account secure since you keep your personal information and conversation with your friends. here are two ways to secure your account.

1. Phone Verification.

  • Go to setting.
  • Find security tab and click on it.
  • Go to login approvals.
  • They will send you code to verify your phone.

2. Trusted Contacts.
Trusted contacts are nothing but your facebook friends. We have always our close friend in facebook or the friends you can rely on. If you forget your password or lost your account, regaining this you need your trusted contact help to do that if you set them here.

  • Go to settings.
  • Find security tab and click there.
  • Find trusted contact option and click.
  • Choose three or five trusted contacts from your facebook friends.

Conclusion: Be a smart user of FB by using these features.  More features are coming on later.

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