How can you prevent diabetes (type 2)

prevent diabetes

Diabetes is a common problem for us for several years. Many people around the world suffer diabetes. Almost 90% of them suffer type 2 diabetes. But only following some easy tips can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. here are some lists that you can follow to prevent it. prevent diabetes

Abstain yourself from taking high sugar foods

Sugar is the bomb for those who have diabetes. Consumption of foods that has high rich sugar can make your condition worse. That’s why we see most of the people who have diabetes don’t consume sweets at all. So keep restrain yourself from foods that have more sugar.

Be careful to choose right fats

In type 2 diabetes you can have fats but you need to be very careful about choosing the right fats for you. I advise consulting your doctor before choosing fats. He can help you the best by understanding your current condition.

A healthy body weight can reduce the risk this type of diabetes

You can reduce the type 2 diabetes by maintaining a healthy body weight. Consult your doctor how many weight you need to loose to main a healthy body weight. From a research, I have come to know that only reducing 5 kg weight for several years, type 2 diabetes risk can decrease 50%. So try to do this if you need.

Do regular exercise

This is another key part of preventing diabetes. Any age you belong, you need to do exercise regularly if you have this type of diabetes. Tr to wait at least 30 minutes a day or do any physical exercise available for you. Try to engage with such a kind of works that involved physical activities.

Keep regular communication with your doctor

You do something that you might think that is good for you but actually, it might not be. In that case maintaining regular communication with your doctor can help your most. He can observe your condition and guide you according to this. So don’t forget to do this.

Conclusion Sometimes only because of our carefulness and not taking the right kind of action can cause our condition worse. In diabetes, if it happens then it can be very dangerous for you. So always be serious about your physical condition. Don’t give a discount on that issue.

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