How to living a long life

How to living a long life

It is nature that man want to live a long life. There is nobody who don’t want to live a long life. Many people in this world die early beacuse of many reason. If a man want to live forever, it is not possible. But if a man can try to lead a long life it can possible. There are many reason like accident, mudered, suicide, diease etc but if a man try to avoid this he can live a long life.


Accident : That can occur for any time. Most of the time it’s depend on luck. There is a proverb that “What is lotted cannot be botted.” But if we keep carefull and we abide by some manner we can keep safe ourselfes from many accidents. You should careful when you cross the road, If you drive a car try to do it carefully.Try to wear safety and protective things when playing sports. Like rock climbing skydiving, football, snowboarding.

Mudered: It depends on human. We should avoid criminal types of people just like professonal killer.

Suicide: Im this world about one million people commit suicide each year worldwide. There are many reasons. Some people are depressed, some have psyschotic problem again impulsive, philosophical desire etc.So we should avoid this.

Above all disease is the most commonly problem. Everyday about 150,000 die and over fifty percent people die for disease. Many people die for many disease.

There are top disease deaths. They are heart disease, Cancer (malignant neoplasms), Chronic lower respiratory disease, Unintentional injures, Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases), Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, Influenza, and pneumonia, Kindney disease (nephritis syndrome and nephrosis).

A man cannot predict how long he lives. but taking good care prolong the changes of living a long life .So Now I am going to describing about this problem so that a man can avoid this disease and living a long life.

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Try to do exercise: If you do exercise everyday that will benefits for your physical and mental health. Physical exercise makes your body strength, balance your weight. You can also do walking, swiming and many types of sports. Again weight lifting is also good for health. Which can improve your bone density and build muscle.


Consulting with a doctor: Preventative care is important. You should to know about lifesytle factors, familial history.And consulting with doctor.So that a disease cannot develop in your body. Otherwise disease can be harder to treat.


Avoid addiction types of substances: Alcohol, Smoking cigarets, wine, whisky these types of substances are harmful for human body. Many types of diseases are liable for these substances. Like lung disease, including cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, respiratory infections, gum disease.You should also avoid street drugs. Because these are liable for memory loss, coma, confusion, seizures. It can also damage a brain.

Try to eat healthy food: You can eat protein from beans, hemp, seeds, chia seeds, nuts etc.Again you can get proteins from meat, fish, eggs

It is also noticed for you that you shouldn’t eat more fat types of food. Like meat, fast food etc.

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Eat fruits and vegetables to keep healthy and slim and control diet : Food and vegetables both are excellent sources of the vitamins and callories.These types of food has low fat that can control your diet. It can also reduce of cancer, high blood presure, Strokes and diabetes. Fruits are peppers, apple, banana, pumpkin, squash etc. And vegetables are celery, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower breets etc.

You can also eat milk, sweet, sugar which contains healthy amounts of carbohydrates.images (3)

Drink enough water: Water helps body flush out toxins and maintain bodily functions. Water keeps healthy of your kidneys.


Stay rest and enough sleeping: If you don’t sleep enough you will feel depression. And many disease are liable for less sleep.So you try to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night.
Try to culitivate happiness: Try to enjoy life and do which you think meaningful to you. Do good activites. Try to laugh, gossiping with people, listen favourite songs. These things will cheerful your mind.

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