International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day is observed worldwide on 21 February every year. It is observed to create awareness for the language and culture diversity. The day comes from the great language movement of Bangladesh.


it was a social movement of Bangladesh to defend their mother tongue. In 1952 students from Dhaka University, Jagannath University, Dhaka Medical College started a demonstration for recognition Bengali as their state langue of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) as the Pakistani government earlier refused to do that. Then The Police (Pakistani Government) started to shot into the movement and brutally killed some students by name of Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam near Hight Court Area in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. After that, the movement went viral and the government has been forced to accept their demand.

In November 199, Internation Mother Language Day was proclaimed by the Bangladeshi Government in UNESCO. On may 16 2008, the UN general assembly called on its member state to promote and protect the languages of the world. Under this resolution, the general assembly proclaimed 2008 as the international language of the year to promote diversity of the world language. The resolution was proposed by a Bengali named Rafique Islam. He also called for declaring an international mother language day for promote and preservation and awareness of the world language day. He proposed 21 February as date since in this day people were killed in language movement


In Bangaldeh

On 21 February every year, the people of Bangladesh give tribute to the martyr’s of language movement to the Marty”s Monument (Sheed Minar in Bengali) into the Dhaka University Area with Flowers.

Outsie Banglaesh
  • Chille
  • Russia
  • Phillipines
  • Egypt
  • Canada

Conclusion: It is the key day for promoting and protecting our language diversity.

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