Details About Litecoin Cryptocurrency

Litecoin Cryptocurrency

Litecoin Cryptocurrency

About Litecoin Cryptocurrency

Litecoin cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer distributing system. It is a open-source cryptocurrency software. Litecoin release 7 October, 2011 under MIT/X11 license. It is free to control of any central bank. Litecoin have creation and transfer coins that is based an open source cryptography protocol.

It inspired by Bitcoin in creation and technical details also. Litecoin have the ability of higher tranjections compared to its counterpart. It have a plan to create 84 million litecoin in history. The aim of litecion is process a block every 2.5 minutes.

Founder Charlie Lee
Release 7 October, 2011
Price Rate US $161.68
Market cap US $12.7 billion

Litecoin have the fastest transaction time in cryptocurrency market. In November 2013 litecoin reached $1 billion in cryptocurrencies market capitalization. In 2017 litecoin became the first of top 5 category of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee .



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