Maradona VS Pele

Maradona VS Pele

Are you a football lover? I know you are excited to see the title of this topic. They are two greatest footballers in the history as we know. This two team (Brazil & Argentina) have the most fan in the world. The debate who is great Maradona or Pele is still unsolved. Today I am going to show some comparison between them. So stay with me until the end.

Maradona (Argentina)

Maradona is considered one of the greatest footballer in the history. His skills are amazing when it comes to dribbling. He won his team Argentina for many times but a special moment of his life came in 1986 world cup when it guided Argentina to world cup glory. He played for Barcelona, Napoli in club football.

Pele (Brazil)

He is also considered one of the greatest footballer in the history. Some people keep him top on Madona because he won 3 times world cup for Brazil. He played Santos, New York in club football.

Let’s see some comparison from statistics

For Maradona
  • Matches: 492
  • Goals: 258
  • Avg. Goal: 1 goal in 2 matches.
  • Internation Matches: 91
  • International Goals: 34
For Pele
  • Matches: 669
  • Goals: 626
  • Avg. Goal: almost One
  • Internation Matches: 92
  • International Goals: 77

So here you can see in from recorded history Pele is a little bit ahead but Pele’s career record has always been disputed. Pele didn’t paly in Europe which is really a very competitive.

On the other hand, Maradona skills and goal are very impressive.

Conclusion: No matter who is great this two players always have been in the people’s mind for the decades and I am sure it will continue.

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