Mothers Day- Women Special

Mothers Day

Mother is the first gift to a child, given by The God as a shadow of that child. Mother is that women who not only give birth a child but also to raise the child. She plays the role of a shadow for her child. To praise her feelings and to appreciate her works, we celebrate Mothers Day. This day is blessings for a mother who has children. But it becomes curse who has lost her child and who are not able to conceive a child. Mothers day


Mother's Day

A family completes with a birth of a child. And this completeness can bring only a woman. Foster mother, step mother, female relatives, the mothers-in law is also a mother figure. In a word, all the woman with motherhood is a mother. Even a barren woman can be a mother if she has the feelings of a mother.


Everyone should celebrate Mothers Day, not for just a celebration, but to respect the women. Different countries celebrate this day on a different day. But most of the countries celebrate on 2nd Sunday of May, which is the Spring equinox. 14th may is Mothers Day for 2017. This special day can be celebrated in many ways like

  • Hangout with family
  • Give flowers and cards
  • Pampering Mother by giving her a spa day at home
  • To do something, by which she can feel special
  • Have a family get together


It is not so easy to hold a child around 9 months in her womb. And after 9 months it’s harder to tolerate the labor pain during delivery. After all the complications a woman becomes a mother. So respect every woman. Help a woman and encourage her especially during pregnancy. No matter a woman is known or unknown, if she needs help, everyone should help her.

Mother's Day

Respect to all the mother figure from the bottom of the heart.

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