Muslims terrorists?

Muslims terrorists

Muslims terrorists

Islam is not a religion for terrorist but maximum terrorist are Muslim it’s a religion for peace.Muslims terrorists are not valid issues.When a German tv reporter asked a Muslim Scholar “why Muslims make terror?”.

Then he answered the question through some questions.

Like this

1.Those who starts 1st world war are they Muslims?

2.Those who starts 2nd world war are they Muslims?

3.Those people who killed 20 million Australian people after discovering Australia,are they Muslims?

4.Those people who attack Hiroshima & Nagasaki by throwing Atomic Bomb,are they Muslims? 

5.After discovering America those people who really want to make their own territories for that sake they killed 100 million red Indians in north America & 50 million red Indians in south America,are they Muslims?

6.Those who took 180 million black people from Africa to America as the slave.And from them 88% people died on the sea and through their dead bodies on Atlantic sea,are they Muslims?

These great and inhumane terrorist activities were not involved with the Muslims.First, we have to understand what is terrorism.

When a non-Muslim does a bad deed, then it is called a crime. And when a Muslim does the same evil, then it is called terrorism.!!!!!!Why????

Even no religions are involved in terrorism,we have to understand that dirty people use the name of religion to do their bad and evil work.

At the end of the day all we human & we should help each other to motivate for good work,not for bad & respect every other religion.


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