How to open password protected Winrar and Winzip?

open password protected Winrar and Winzip

Hello, everyone.Hope all you are fine.Today I will show you how to open password protected Winrar and Winzip file and create a bypass password to open that file.

People who download files from the internet they usually faced some files are automatically protected by the password.

Let’s see how to break password step by step:

Open password protected WinRAR and winzip

  1. For doing this work you need a software. The name of the software is ADVANCED ARCHIVE PASSWORD RECOVERY.Or download its full version from Google.
  2. After full download the software then enter your downloaded software. Then go to the Open option and open your password protected file.
  3. open password protected winrar/winzip

  4. You can see many option over there. From there you can use BROOT FORCE to open password. On the other hand if you want you can use your default dictionary method for doing this.If you think dictinary doesn’t support much word then go for BROOT FORCE.It’s totally up to you.
  5. open password protected winrar/winzip

  6. And now wait untill your password generate.
  7. After generate the password then open your protected file use that password

In short Software -> open file -> Broot Force -> password
Hope it happen. Thank you, everyone.

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