Pregnancy fitness

Pregnancy fitness

Being pregnant is the real meaning of a single women life. It’s a boon of a family.

Pregnancy fitness

A pregnant woman has to be very careful about her pregnancy.Because of leading ugly life,her pregnancy might be dropped out. So all pregnant woman should follow some rules for daily life basis.

At the time of pregnancy women body goes through many changes because another life is growing inside.So, it is very much important to maintain your body and stay fit for your baby.Here we discuss some issues of being fit during pregnancy.

1. Proper Exercise:

  • Pelvic tilt exercises
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Stomach strengthening exercises

exercise pregnancy


  • Variety kind of fruits
  • Foods contain vitamin A
  • Spinach & Salmon contains calcium.
  • vegetables

Don’t smoke,alcohol,extra oily foods

3.Being Hydrate and measure your temperature

4.Stay in the safety Zone: Every pregnant woman must stay them in safety zone.Don’t do so much hard work.Avoid to wearing tight dresses.

5.Doctor’s Advice: Always stay connect to your doctor for every single uneasy state just tell them.

If you are on it.And really take care of you properly.You may enjoy your pregnancy.


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