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SHERLOCK is coming

sherlock holmes

“If you are not guilty,don’t worry”
221B Baker Street,London. The address of Sherlock Holmes.British Author “Sir Arthur Conan Doyel” created the private detective Sherlock Holmes. All the years,the story of Sherlock holmes cross millions of mind.It is so famous that based on the book many directors direct films,dramas,short films,documentaries.Many Famous artists played as Sherlock.SHERLOCK is coming.

Famous TV Series

Here we are talking about the most Famous TV Series of Sherlock Holmes. Till now they are released just 3 Seasons and each season has 3 episode.First one was released on 2010. After the huge response from the Sherlock lovers, the 2nd season came on the screen on 2012 & then 3rd one released on 2014.

Taking a gap of every 1 year now 4th seasons is coming.Benedict Cumberbatch playing as Sherlock as before.

At Jan 1st-2017 the first episode “The Six Thatchers” will come on screen.

2nd  episode is “The Lying Detective”

The 3rd name still undeclared.

so the lovers tied your guts & let’s solve 3 cases.

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