Solve Skype Network Connecting Problem

Skype connecting problem

All we know about skype.What it is! This is a very common and usable software throughout the world.
But it is very much known problem of the internet users that they face connection problem of skype.Today our topic is that.We are solving this problem.Let’s see how to solve skype network connecting problem with step by step.

How to solve

  1. At first you should uninstall the present Skype and delete all data from your computer.Or,use Ran command and type “%appdata%” then delete the skype data from there.solve skype connecting problem
  2. After that download the full version of skype from Google.Make it sure the download file is latest version of skype.
  3. Now, open your Internet Explorar after that from seting go to Internet Option Solve Skype Network Connecting Problem
  4. From the option check the Advance and Reset thar option from bottomSolve Skype Network Connecting Problem
  5. Now Install the downloaded skype item,and you problem it solve

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