Strong password making Guideline

Strong password

Hello, everyone. Most of the time we go for a password but failed to realize what gonna be strong for computer or internet security. But today i will show u how can u get a strong password for your better computer or internet security.


Creating a Strong Password

Strong Password
Creating a strong password requires some kind of knowledge on password creation skills. Here i mentioned some kind of easy and very reliable tips so that you can create a very strong password for your cyber security. Just follow these processes carefully.

  • Combination of letters and special character which is (ex:A,b,@,^,%).
  • Try to use local less used languages.
  • Third-Party password generation software such as
  • Create words with different words for example (first 2 or 3 letters of different words).


Protecting Password

We know it is more tough job to project something rather than creation. So here you will find some process how can u protect your password so that your cyber security becomes more reliable.

  • Don’t give your password on computer if the website is not encrypted.
  • Don’t share or tell your password with anyone.
  • Change Password Regularly in every month so that it can stay dynamic.

Conclusion: Be alert all the time about your password and store it in very secure folder or dairy.

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