TeamViewer license expired solution

teamviewer license expired solution

In this growth world, We really want to control from one PC to another. And for this the most commonly used software is TeamViewer. We can work for personal, Business and both from using TeamViewer. But sometimes this is very much hazy for our when we see that out TeamViewer is expired from the free trial. This recent post we are talking what is TeamViewer license expired solution. Let’s get started.

TeamViewer license expired solution

This is very easy and effective way of solution this problem. We just follow some several steps to complete and fix this problem.

#Step-1: First of all we need to uninstall the existing TeamViewer software from control panel.

TeamViewer license expired solutin

#Step-2: Go to RUN command from start or, just press “window key+r“. Then type “%appdata%” then Enter. Then delete the Teamviewer folder.

TeamViewer license expired solutin

#Step-3: Delete the Teamviewer folder from local disk(c) –> program file location.

#Step-4: Download SMAC from your browser. ⇓Download and install. And after that need, you need a register key. SMC2U-00C8-4004-0401-CB5A-00007096 use this key and your registration is complete.

TeamViewer license expired solutin

#Step-5: From the panel click MAC List then click local list there come in a new window from there you need to select Sample_Mac_Address_list.txt then open it.

TeamViewer license expired solutin

#Step-6: From the panel click Random and you can see your mac is changing. Then click Update MAC. And your work is done.

#Step-7: Download TeamViewer and install it normally.

That is the solution of your license problem of TeamViewer. Hope it helps you. Thanks for today.

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