Top 10 Disaster in the world, you can’t beleive


This year had many natural disasters that killed many people all over the world, and here are top 10 disaster events in the world. I feel bad for all the people killed in these horrible events. The damage was devastating and was intense and horrifying.

1.Earthquake of Maxico

The earthquake Of Mexico Struck at 13:14 on 19 September. It was estimated that it’s shaking for about 20 seconds. This was going 4 days for long. It kills lots of people in Mexico city.It was most powerful earthquake in Mexico city sence 1985.

Earthquake of Maxico

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2.Hurrican Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was the most damageable tropical cyclone which cause nearly $200 billion in damage. Hurricane Harvey Cause for 1,000 mm of rain which call a dangerous Flood. This hurricane reason for displace more than 30,00 people.

Hurrican Harvey

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3.Hurrican Irma

Hurricane Irma strike on August 30, 2017 near the Cape Verde Islands. Irma was extremely powerful hurricane happend in Atlantic region. After Hurricane Maria, Irma is the second costliest hurricane on record. On October 10, 2017 Hurricane Irma was caused for 134 death.

Hurrican Irma

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4.Congo Landslide

Congo Landslide was a most damageable disaster happend in 2017. On 16 August 2017 for a heavy flood a mountainside collapse in a fishing village in the Democatic Republic in Congo. This disaster killed at least 200 people when resque still ongoing.

.Congo Landslide

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5.Hurrican Maria

On September 16 from a tropical wave, Maria became a tropical cyclone. Hurricane Maria was the most intense hurrivane worldwide of 2017. On September Maria became a extra tropical strom. As of November 20, at least 547 people killed by this disaster. Total damage for this hurricane was about $103.45 billion are estimated.

hurricane maria

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6.Mocoa Landslide

The Mocoa landslide was strike at 1st April, 2017. Mocoa landslide was a natural disaster which happend for a heavy rain triggered the flash flood. It is a deadly natural disaster record in Colombian history. This disaster killed about 254 people, injuring 332 and missing about 70 people.

Mocoa Landslide

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7.California Wildfire

California Wildfires in 2017 is the most damageable disaster on record. It was burned around 1,381,405 acres. October 2017, 205 wild fires burned over 245,000 acres. After that December 2017 the wildfires burned 307,900 acres. Total damage for California Wildfires in 2017 at least $180 billion dollars.

California Wildfire

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8.Afghanistan Avalanches

On 4 to 6 February in 2017 a series of avalanches stuck villages on Afghanistan and Pakistan border. Lots of homes and farms destroyed by this disaster. A heavy snowfall made this avalanche more stronger. This disaster caused more than 100 people death.

Afghanistan Avalanches

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9.Mumbai Flood

In 2017 for a heavy rain Mumbai was flooded for 2/3 days. Lots of people face so many problems to do their regular work. They also estimated a heavy losses. So many people killed by this disaster. After long time Mumbai face this kind of disaster.

mumbai flood

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10.Floods and Landslides in Bangladesh

Landslide and flood in 2017 is the worst landslide happend in country history. On 12 June early in the morning heavy monsoon rain triggered a series of landslide and flood. This landslide flooded three hilly district Rangamati, Chittagong, Badarbon. At least 252 people killed by this disaster.The weather also making it difficult for rescuers.

Floods and Landslides in Bangladesh

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