Top 10 Handsome Man in the World 2017

top 10 handsome man world 2017

People are crazy and extremely enthusiastic about the glamourous world. There are a lot of individual men and women artists who grab attention of public in the whole world. The person who is fascinated with this fashionable world would absolutely want to know about handsome, sexiest, beautiful and popular artists, either men or women.
Here we have concern with most handsome man in the world 2017. Mostly the men who are associated with media are not known to people that’s why their grace is not known to public. The models, actors and men from well-off families are famous. Being handsome doesn’t mean white skin colour, beautiful or rich; to call a handsome man you must have a class, appeal and good body. Following we have made a list of Top 10 Handsome Man in the World 2017, these men are good looking, graceful and have appealing power, that’s why they are listed here and also mark a history in being handsome.

Top 10 Handsome Man in the World 2017


top 10 handsome man world 2017

Everyone knows this guy, Robert Pattinson is the first most handsome man in the world. He was in Amy 1986, at United Kingdom. The sexiest one, is a model and an actor. Moreover he composed some music of his own. Robert Pattinson is a mesmerizing man who is so appealing for womenfolk. He is thirty-one years but looks like a young guy.
In 2008 Robert was titled “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine. He is still single and every girl wants to be with him. He won various awards on his acting talent, but the most popular was his Twilight Series. His eyes, his smiles, his jaw and the way he look; just heart throbbing.


top 10 handsome man world 2017

How this Captain America’s actor can be ignored while compiling most handsome man! Chris Evans actually Christopher Robert is the American filmmaker and actor who do super hero roles as Fantastic Four and Captain America. We all love him for what he is and when he put beard on his face he looks heart throbbing for any female in world. His eyes, his hairstyle, his graceful body, his skin colour and starring way is just love. This sexiest man was born in June 1981 and now he is of thirty-five years but still single. Because of his appealing quality everyone wants the sexiest Chris Evans.


top 7 handsome man world 2017

Everyone, the whole world knows him. Prince William the Cambridge duke. He was born in June 1982 and now he is of thirty-four years. As his mother Lady Diana was so gorgeous and beautiful same he is so handsome, beautiful and graceful in all over the Europe. With the perfect height he has the personality of real prince. His habit is helping needing people. He married to Kate Middleton in 2011 and now they both do humanitarian works.
Best attractive thing of Prince William is his smile. When he was about to join college, a large number of admission applications were received by females. Every female wants a partner like him and even a lot of men copy him. So, he deserves to be listed in Top ten Most Handsome Man in the World 2017.


top 7 handsome man world 2017

A popular American producer and actor, Tom Cruise is very well-known for his personality worldwide. He was born in July 1962 at US. After turning 54 still he looks so young and perfect. He started his career at the age of nineteen and from then till now he is loved by women because of charming and cool personality.
He is well-known for its frequently changed hairstyles, which are then followed by public. He is also the one richest actor in world and had won 3 awards of Golden Gold on his acting.


top 7 handsome man world 2017

Actually William Bradley! He is the American most popular producer and actor. Brad was born in December 1963 at US. Brad was the handsome hunk around the world when he was young but nothing got bad, he is still the one among most handsome man in the world. He also got ninth rank in a list of lost sexiest men in the world. His deep eyes, cute smile, killing looks and ever changing style made him popular worldwide. Now he is married to one of the best gorgeous woman Angelina Jolie but it is rumoured that they got split.


top 7 handsome man world 2017

With the real name “Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan” he is an Indian actor, singer, producer, TV personality and philanthropist. Born in December 1965 at Indore, now he is of fifty-one. But still age doesn’t matter for him, looks still young dashing, cool, graceful and the main thing he has is class. He is the best actor in India and received a loads of awards on his acting talent. With a very well fashion sense he has an amazing body.
Salman khan is single yet. He do a lot of social works and endorse different brands.


top 7 handsome man world 2017

Born in January 1974 Hrithik Roshan is now of forty-three. He is Indian actor and also a best dancer. He is heighted, good looking, charming, have beautiful eyes and a dashing personality that brought him here in Top ten Most Handsome Man in the World 2017. He married to Sussanne in 2000 but separated in 2014. He always work as lead roles and his Indian films hit box office that’s why he is one of richest Indian cleb. Hrithik is also involved in some social works.

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