Top 10 Progressive Country in the World

Top 10 Progressive Country in the World

A country which is developed in economy, technological and business call a develop country. A lots of parameters can use as the elements for development in a country. It’s make a debate that which criteria is most appropriate to rank countries for their level of development. But Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Per Capita Income, Level of Industrialization, Life Expectancy and Literacy Level are the commonly analysed factors. Here we have Top 10 Progressive Country in The World for you.

10. Denmark

Denmark is the first progressive country in list of top progressive countries in the world. Denmark is the most socialist country. The tax rate of Denmark is about 49%, higher than the Cuba. The Kingdom of Denmark is mixed of modern economy which is mainly service based.

The main resources in Denmark are oil, gas and man power. Denmark has $210.1 billion in GDP and $37,657 per capita while its HDI rating of 0.9 makes Denmark is the most developed country in the world.

Top 10 Progressive country


Denmark also on high ranking for it’s worker’s right and economic freedom. Denmark is easiest place for doing business in Europe. It has offers for establishing business and high standard of living. The expectancy of life in Denmark is 79.5 years to be among men and 82 years among women.

09. Singapore

Singapore moved up 9th most developed country in the world. Singapore enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. The GDP of Singapore is about $326..5 billion and $60.410 per capita.

The facts that makes Singapore is a high developed country are global, diverse economy, income inequality, excellent health care, perfect education, competitive. Singapore also has 2nd freest economy, low corruption, low unemployment rate. The expectancy of life in Singapore is 80 years of males and 85 years for women.

Top 10 Progressive Country


Singapore has a highly trade oriented market economy. Singapore has the high-tec and one of the most prosperous country in the world. The deserve economy in Singapore which is mainly based on trade and manufacturing.

08. Canada

Canada is the 8th most developed country in the world. It has an economy dominated by the service industry. The resources of Canada are vast oil reserves and it majorly exports energy, food and minerals. The GPD of Canada is $1.5 trillion and $42,734 per capita.

In Canada life expectancy is 81.67 years. Canada is one of the most advanced and largest economics in the world which is mainly based on the natural resources and trade. Canada gives it’s people to a high quality of life that completely satisfied them.

Top 10 Progressive Country


Canada has economic freedom, one of the most educated country. Legal pot, gender equality, reconciliation with first nations makes Canada is the most developed country in the world. Canada has perfect education and it’s economy is highly dominated by service industry.


07. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the developed country in the world by it’s agricultural field. The manufacturing and tourism also give a significant contributions to developed this country. GDP of New Zealand is $30,493 per capita in record. It has a life expectancy of 80.2 years for males and 84 years for women.

New Zealand has freest economies, wine, meat and dairy products which help New Zealand for it’s modern developed. New Zealand is located next ti Australia. New Zealand has first ranked in the Corruption Perceptions Index.

Top 10 Progressive Country

New Zealand

This country is more progressive than Canada. New Zealand is ranked 7th highly developed country in the world for Human Development Index (HDI).


06. Germany

German is the most developed country in Europe. German has most industries, most population and largest economy in Europe. German has also the largest global exporters in the world and rich in minerals. It has nickel, iron, copper, natural gas reserves as it’s resources.

GDP of German is $3.2 trillion and 39,028 per capita. The expectancy of life in Germany is 80.19 years to be 77.93 years among men and 82.58 years among women. It has an extremely high standard of living, a largest social market economy and good with import-export.

Top 10 Progressive Country


The health care system of German is the oldest system in the whole world. German has 12th in Corruption Perception’s Index. The largest country f Europe is Germany.


05. United States

United States is one of the most developed country in the world for it’s economic power. United States also has an abundance of natural resources, developed infrastructure and high productivity. This country has one of the largest manufacturers in the whole world.

The percentage of live poverty in this country is 14.5% by estimated of the whole population. The GDP of United States is $54,980 per capita that is the reason for this ranked. The life expectancy of this country is just 78.4 years that is the lowest than other country on this list.

Top 10 Progressive Country

United States

United States has the largest national economy in the world. This country is not a highly ranked developed country because of its score which is 0.914 in the Human Development Index (HDI).


04. Netherlands

Netherlands is the 4th most developed country in the world. It has a prosperous and open economy based upon foreign trade. In 2014 estimates GDP for this country is $707.0 billion and $42,194 per capita makes Netherlands is the richest country in the world.

Netherlands life expectancy is 83.21 years for females and 78.93 years for males. It has the freest economy and high quality of living makes Netherlands o ranked 4th in this list. This developed economy in Netherlands mostly depend on International trade and considered as open economy.

Top 10 Progressive Country


Netherlands is a very progressive country and could be better with the politics. In recent years Dutch economy has been hit by the global financial crisis.


03. Switzerland

Switzerland official name is Confederation Helvetian but it doesn’t use for state document. Switzerland is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. It has an extremely stable economy which are secure as investors all over the globe. It also has high labor specialization, trade and industries.

The GDP of Switzerland is $363.4 billion and $45,418 per capita. Switzerland has the life expectancy is 80.4 years among men and 84.7 years among women. This high-tech economy, low business corruption and economic freedom makes it a most developed country.

Top 10 Progressive Country


Switzerland has a high quality of living life. The high economic competitiveness, low unemployment makes Switzerland more developed country in the world. Switzerland is also a most beautiful country in the whole world.


02. Australia

Australia has the largest capitalist economies in the world. GDP of Australia is $970.8 billion and $42,640 per capita which is the major contribution in GDP. Australia has a service sector in mining and agricultural field take so much contribution in development.

Wealth economy, human development, healthcare, civil rights exercised by it’s citizens make Australia the 2nd most developed country in the world. The life expectancy in this country is 79.5 years for males and 84 years for females. This country offers to it’s citizen high incomes, high quality of life, excellent education, perfect health care, economic freedom.

Top 10 Progressive Country


Australia has freest economy, telecommunication, manufacturing, banking and mining. It make 2nd most developed country by the Human Development index(HDI).


01. Norway

Norway is the world most developed country by ranking of 0.944 in Human Development Index(HDI). The resources in Norway which make it most developed country are mixed of economy, natural resources mainly oil and gas. The GDP of Norway is $277.1 billion and $55,009 per capita.

The life expectancy in Norway extremely high that is 80 years for men and 84 years for women. Norway has the high standard of living compared to other European countries. Norway also a reach-est country in the world. Also Norway is known for it’s extraordinary beautiful landscape in this world. Norway has mountains and deep and large fjords.

Top 10 Progressive Country


Norway‘s economy is mixed and ever growing since starting of industrial era. The prominent contributor is the natural resources and export makes this nation most development country.

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