Some Awesome Tips Using Google Map Perfectly

Using Google Map Perfectly

For today’s world knowing any direction of the world is at your hand now. Google Map made it easy for us. Using Google Map you can now find any direction, renowned organization locations and much more. But most of us use Google Map only by searching location. This is not the only use of the Awesome Application. Today I am going to tell you some of the top features you can use in Google Map for a better Location experience. So stay with me until the end.

In your route find the least expensive place to fill up your tank

Using Google Map you can find the cheap gas station in your route. To Find this do the followings:

  • On top of your screen tap the magnifying glass.
  • You will find a drop-down menu, the choose gas station from there.
  • You can see the list of gas station google map showing.

Avoid traffic Using Google Map

To avoid traffic you can use google map to find out the alternative route to go for your destination. Thus you can save your time and as well as hassles of traffic

You can use Google Map without the Internet.

Yes, this is true that you can use google map without the internet. To do this you need do the followings:

  • Search for a place you want to download. It can be the specific place or even a country.
  • Then find “place sheet” at bottom of screen google refers.
  • Then you will find “download” tab at right.
  • Click download and you will see a window started to download our location.

Find our your nearest or favorite commercial place in Google Map

Yon can find your favorite Coffe shops, Resturants, Shopping mall or any renowned institution on google map. Sometimes it is very tough to find them physically. You can find this in two ways. Follow this:

  • Search the name of respective Coffe Shops, Resturants or any institutions.
  • Tap magnifying glass to find them easily.

By using Google Map you find the fasted way to go any place.

You can compare which transportation will take how much time to go somewhere. It can be walking, bike, car, or any other transportation. So use this awesome feature.

Conclustion: Google Map made our daily life very easy. So use in smart way to save most of your time which very important in today’s world and keep smiling.

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