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how to verify your twitter account quickly

verify your twitter account

Ofen times I get the question how can we verify twitter account quickly. I know it is very important for some people to verify twitter account but for some else is not import as well. However, today i will give you some way where you can verify your twitter account. So stay with me till the end.


We know Twitter is a most popular social media site after facebook. It normally allows popular personality for verification but if don’t have any illegal or fake records in twitter database you can also apply for verification.

Terms & Condition

Read the terms & condition that twitter offer for user for verification purposes so that you can uderstad it properly. you can find this terms & condition is here

How to Apply

verify your twitter account
Send application to this link with Following Information:

  • Your Account Name
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Location
  • Your Web Address ( if have)
  • You 160 Character Biography
  • Your Contact Information

Wail for response to come

After that Twitter Will response as soon as they reach your message. Don’t loose your patient as twitter has huge volume of request everyday.

Follow Twitter Response Message

verify your twitter account
If twitter thinks everything is ok then it will send you a message with the confirmation for verification. where They will give your link and you have to click this link and follow the next steps to complete the verification.

Conlsution: Don’t loose your patient in verification otherwise you can’t verify it.

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