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Virtual Rreality

Virtual Rreality

Virtual reality is a 3d environment you can feel a different world is going on. It is generated in the computer by a high-quality graphical environment. It creates such an immersive environment that you can feel a real world better than anything in your life you enjoyed.If you have a minimum idea in the 3d glass then you can imagine what a virtual reality can be. There are plenty of software available to watch virtual reality but today I am going to show you some of the world best technologies in the recent world that are using widely for virtual reality.So stay with me until the end.

Google Cardboard

This is the most widely used and very common 3d glass in the world. The price is very cheap ranges from only $5-10. You can use this with your smartphone easily and enjoy the basic virtual reality content. There are plenty of 3d content available online or google play store. But it is not as attractive as I am telling you for the next one.

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Rreality
It is probably the only device in virtual reality that actually helped to quickly grow our interest in virtual reality world. It is an immersive device and it is built by Oculus. Samsung sells millions worldwide. The price of this device ranges from $100-120. For this Samsung Gear Vr, the device is limited. You can only use this device with the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note5.

Oculus Rift

When it comes to virtual reality world then Oculus Rift is the perfect device to experience the virtual reality. It is so immersive that you will never leave your room anymore. For this device, you need a high configuration computer. It is built by Oculus who also built Samsung Gear VR. The price for Oculus Rift ranges from $500-600. But believe me, the world will be different for you if you use this device. You will get more information for this product in Oculus Website.

Htc Vive

Virtual Rreality
In my opinion, it is the best in the list I have given right now. It is so immersive that you can enjoy for a whole night without feeling boring.HTC realize this device in 2016 and it is still very rare to get one. It is very limited and that’s it is not available for all country. The price for Htc Vive is ranging from $700-800. Your PC configuration needs to be very high for this device. You will get this info from Htc Vive website.

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