Ways to attract Women

Ways to attract Women

Every man wants a girl to attract to him. However, not everyone can do this. There is some common fact what men should follow to attract women. But all should keep in mind that they (women) like simple behave. I will show some effective ways to attract women. But this is not formula just try to pretend. This is some sort of behavior which is very formulated.

Ways to attract women

Eye contact
All men should try to talk with any women to keep the focus on her eyes. This is very much important when you are talking with women. Don’t give your focus on her figure. If you do this that will create a negative impression to women.

ways to attract women

Keep Freshness
This is one of the most important parts to attract women. Because every woman wants her men to keep himself fresh all time. On behalf of this use body spray.This is a part of ways to attract women.

Help her all time
Always and every situation men should help women that are very positive to her. Every woman needs her man very much helpful to her and support her in all situation.

ways to attract women

Be social
You have to be social to all of the women. This is a kind of general equation to touch a woman mind not only that she will you are so genours. When come to coss friendship you should make her friend to yours.

Avoid cell phone when you with her
This is one of the best enemy of a man. When you just with your women simply avoid your phone. If you are connected to you phone she will thinking you are not giving her any kind of attention.

Take advice from her
At the time when you are taking advice from her, she will thinking she has importance to you. By doing this she is just fall in love to you again and again.

Women are very simple and frinendly but you need to create the first step. All you just need be confident.

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