Weight Loss Diet (7 day’s)

weight loss diet

A lot of people who are pathologically life behind excess weight. Tried; But still the same. In fact, eating orderly did not walk.This is about weight loss diet.

Weight loss diet of 7 day’s plan

First day: Any fruit except bananas or juice throughout the day to be able to eat. Juicy fruit diet melon, mango, papaya, orange, pineapple, etc., as a result of the priority. Eat as many times throughout the day, but it is not just the result of something else

Second Day: On the second day of vegetables or vegetable soup of the day and eat whatever. Boiled or steamed vegetables can eat a little bit of olive oil. Eating soup flavoring of any kind can not be used.

Third day: any fruit except bananas and potatoes, any vegetable except eat throughout the day. You can eat all kinds of seasonal fruit.

weight loss diet

The fourth day: eat 8 bananas throughout the day, 3 glass of milk and 1 cup of vegetable soup. And as much as you drink water.

The fifth day: Eat meat. According to taste a little more beef, chicken or tomato, pumpkin or gourd Eat cooked through. Drink plenty of water throughout the day with.

Sixth Day: Flexible throughout the day to eat vegetables and meat.

Seventh-day: Rice or bread you can eat. With fruit, juice, and vegetables as happy.

Weight Loss Diet Chart:

In the Morning, a glass of warm water mixed with lemon juice to eat regularly in your diet chart.

Food Menu Of weight loss diet:

Breakfast: Two red wheat bread with vegetables and a bowl of egg white with 1 salad bowl.

By mid-morning and mid-day is a seasonal fruit tart.

Lunch: A cup of red rice, a bowl of vegetable and marine fish in one piece or four days a week. Three days a week the rest of the pieces of chicken, a bowl of stew. A bowl of salad.

Afternoon breakfast: A cup of tea without milk or sugar can eat a biscuit with two or three. A bowl of yogurt or sour.

Dinner: Lunch like. However, small fish eat every day. Do not eat meat. And at night, they were eating bread instead of rice flour bread to eat two red. Eat dinner at least two hours of sleep the night before.

Before going to bed: Drink a glass of milk. From 1 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day, of course, eat.

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