Weight Loss Exercise

Weight Loss Exercise

There are assorted ways to reduce abdominal fat. Loss of body fat or abdominal fat, but actually for the mandatory exercise. Because the work is not just a diet to reduce fat and sometimes not possible. Regular exercise will reduce the fat. However, many people do not know what kind of exercise is useful for his/her health. Talk about some of the weight loss exercise.I hope you will benefit.

1. Sitting up straight in front of the legs to keep longer. Take a breath and quit several times before. Now fold along the middle of the knee to mature. Then slowly bring the knee to the chest. Wait and take it to heart as much as possible.

2. Keeping the legs slowly went back to bed and try to sit up again. Do this a few times. At least 8-10 times.

3. If you take it with a heavy dumbbell in hand or place it a few times from the bottom up and from top to bottom. Thus, from 10 to 12 bars. However, the aim is to keep the back straight.

weight loss exercise

Yoga to weight loss exercise

Weight control can bring you through some yoga at home. Below are details of some of the Yoga are for weight loss excercise:

1. Bring down the waist and knees parallel to the ground head. Finger and palm will touch the floor nicely.

2. Avoid leaning on hand at the back of the right legit.

3. Take the left leg and back. All the body weight falls on the hands and toes. There will be parallel to the floor head and waist.

weight loss exercise.
weight loss exercise

4. Legs and thighs stick to the ground. Spoon bending over from the waist, leaning his head back as far as possible to go to.

5. Put the body on the floor. Legs, knees, stomach, chest, forehead on the floor, all it would take, holding out the hands with the head of the two.

6. Bring the right foot in front of the hand. The other foot is planted on the ground.

So, these are a list of yoga tips that you can improve your practice. If you want, then you can use yoga for weight loss.

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