Weight Loss Natural Exercise

weight loss natural exercise

Everyone wants to be healthy physically. Exercise is very important to us and always stay healthy. 5-30 minutes of exercise every day if we own at home, but we easily could have fit. Watch out for the family, especially the women, they are not going to the gym to exercise in the open air can easily to any home. This is easy for you to do some weight loss natural exercise tips.

weight loss natural exercise

The first warm-up:

The purpose of the exercise is geared to warm the body. 5-10 minute warm-up to the total. And each step will be 20-30 seconds.

1. Extend the hand

2. Stretch both hands

3. Rotate two hands on both sides of the body of swimming style

4. Rocking stretch waist and ankles

5. Two bent beside the body, legs and take the small jump

The second phase of the exercise:

1 to 10 minutes in three phases of 12-15 times

1. Please sit up
2. Parallel to the ground with two hands, chest stretch
3. Push-up day if possible
4. Stay lean back, put his hands around his waist as much as possible
5. Keep your feet parallel to the ground.

The third stage of the aerobics:

20 to 25 minutes exercise

1. Standing in running stance

2. Hand kept widening the swim

3. At the end of the 5 minutes warm again

4. The first phase of the re-do the exercise.

The natural way to remove the excess weight without exercise reduced. If you follow this rule would be a natural way to reduce your weight quickly.

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