Weight loss naturally

Weight loss naturally

Extra weight is the destroyer of beauty as well as it is bad for health. You may very good in exercise. On the other hand, you should have to follow the perfect diet. Now come to the point, here is this post we are going to know how to weight loss naturally.weight loss naturally.

Diet Plan

  • A cup of warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach to eat chips. It has fat burning.
  • Ten minutes later, eat a bottle of water. The toxins out of the body of water.
  • Ten minutes later she Liquor cup of tea without sugar. Green is good. With fiber biscuit. When crime Crakers better.
  • After half an hour to breakfast. Alternate day, breakfast will be different. Karnaphleksa sandwich the next day to play one day. Cheeses, Meo NIJ, make a sandwich without butter. That cucumber, tomatoes will. Brown Bread make a sandwich. Do not eat more than one sandwich. Eat only the white part of the egg yolk with the exception of two. Double tone or milk in a small bowl next corn flex mixed drink without sugar.
  • Two hours after breakfast, eat a whole apple or guava.
  • She will have lunch after two hours. Eat lunch or two loaves of bread, 90 grams of rice, a piece of fish, two kinds of vegetables, yogurt, and whole cucumbers.
  • Two hours after lunch, eat the whole fruit.
  • Try dinner at eight o’clock in the night. The two loaves of bread, a vegetable or chicken soup, and eat. At the end of the course do not forget to eat a whole cucumber.

This is the diet. The exercise. Free hand for half an hour every morning to exercise emergency. Front kranca, Side kranca, exercise hip, hand Exercise, exercise stands, etc., will have to follow the rules. Every half-hour in the morning, afternoon or knees. No one can stop you from being thin.

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